Child Concession Card

The Child Concession Card is a stored value travel card that enables children to travel for free on public transport, except on Premium Bus Services and NightRider services.

Child Concession Card

Eligibility Criteria

A child is eligible to apply for a Child Concession Card if he/she is above 0.9m in height, below seven years old and not studying in a primary school.

All children who are below 0.9m tall and accompanied by a fare-paying commuter can automatically travel for free.

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How to Apply

Please apply for the Child Concession Card at any TransitLink Ticket Office.

The card will be encoded with the child's name, birth certificate/passport number, date of birth and card expiry date.

Each eligible child is entitled to one Child Concession Card.

The new Child Concession Card can be used immediately and no activation is required.

Documents required:

  • Proof of child’s identity
    • Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident: original birth certificate
    • Non-Singapore Citizen: original passport
  • Representative’s original NRIC/passport (if submitting on child’s behalf)

Application fee:

If your child travels on Premium Bus Services and NightRider services, the concession card has to be topped up and the adult cash fare will apply. Find out how you can top up the concession card here.

Damaged and faulty Child Concession Cards can be replaced for free. Otherwise, a $13 administrative fee applies. For information on how to replace the card, please click here.

Monthly Concession Pass

Not applicable.

Card Validity Period

The Child Concession Card is valid for use till 30 April of the year the child turns seven years old.

If your child is not attending a primary school that year, please call the TransitLink Hotline at 1800-2255 663 for assistance at least three months before the concession expiry date.

You may check the concession card expiry date at any TransitLink Ticket Office, TransitLink Kiosk, Add Value Machine, General Ticketing Machine or Assisted Service Kiosk.

Card Return/Refund

Once your child receives his/her new Primary School Smartcard from his/her school or the Non-MOE School Smartcard, or if the Child Concession Card is no longer needed, you can return the card at any TransitLink Ticket Office.

To obtain a refund of any remaining travel value in the concession card, please produce the cardholder’s proof of identity (original or photocopy):

  • Singapore Citizens: Original NRIC or birth certificate; or
  • Singapore Permanent Resident/Non-Singapore Citizen: Original birth certificate or passport; and
  • Representative’s original NRIC/passport (if collecting on cardholder’s behalf)

Expired concession cards cannot be refunded immediately. Instead, a receipt will be issued by the Customer Service Officer at the TransitLink Ticket Office and the refund can be collected after five working days at any TransitLink Ticket Office.

A $13 administrative fee will apply if you wish to re-apply for the Child Concession Card in the future.